Circle Preschool Staff

Mrs. Jurish

Once a student herself at Circle Preschool, grew up with her mom as a teacher then Director at Circle. Upon Graduating Courtney began work as an aide at Circle for two years. Then, has taught and now directing for 16 years! She has taken on the role as Director after her Mom's retirement in June 2016. Courtney Just celebrated her 15th wedding anniversary and has two beautiful children. Calli and Chase, who of course attended Circle just like herself.

Mrs. Silva

I guess you could you could say the love of teaching runs in the family. Mrs. Silva, also former circle alumni and Mrs. Jurish's sister! She is our wonderful pre-k teacher at Circle. She started teaching 22 years ago! 14 of those years have been at Circle. Her and her husband just celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary. They have two boys Owen 15 who is in 10th grade at Vahalla High School. Travis 10 who just started 6th grade at Hillsdale Middle, and Riley who started 3rd grade @ Avocado Elementary.

Ashley Pendleton

Our 2 & 3 year old Teacher may be new, but...she is not new to Teaching.  She Trained and aided with us last year, and is now ready to assume the role as teacher. She is a well seasoned teacher from Florida. She has just celebrated her 14th anniversary and has 4 children. The military has brought her here, but we hope to keep her for awhile. The children and staff quickly fell in love with her, a great addition to our Circle Preschool family!